Transform Your Online Furniture Store with Xarwin's Augmented Reality

Ever wondered how your furniture designs look in actual spaces? Well, with our AR furniture app magic, you can visualize them seamlessly! Augmented reality for furniture shopping blends virtual elements with your real-world space for an immersive shopping experience. Don’t miss out – register now and unlock the potential of furniture shopping with Augmented Reality!

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Our Process

Process 1

Register on xarwin, upload or design a 3D model for your furniture product.

Process 2

Generate a unique QR code linked to your 3D model for easy access.

Process 3

Scan the QR code with a device to view and interact with the AR furniture in real space.

Explore WebAR for Online Furniture Store

Our web-based augmented reality platform for your furniture store helps you virtually arrange and visualize any piece, seamlessly integrating lifelike 3D models into living space. With unique customization, this modern technology redefines how we design and shop for furniture, making it a dynamic and engaging experience that fits the future of creative home styling.

Xarwin's AR Benefits for Furniture Retail

Explore how Xarwin’s augmented reality features are changing the game for furniture retailers, offering customers an entirely new immersive shopping experience.

Lost in 3D Translation? Xarwin is the Answer!

Conquer the challenges of 3D models with Xarwin’s WebAR for furniture! Our plug-and-play 3D visualization turns your product showcase into a visual masterpiece. All you need to do is register and upload a 3D catalogue of your products and you’re good to go! 

Traditional Showrooms vs. WebAR Adventures!

Step into an endless world of possibilities without the physical space constraints! Enjoy a diverse catalogue at your fingertips without bleeding the budget! Explore dynamic displays of the latest trends on your Android, and wave goodbye to colour limitations. For those who are tired of showroom-hopping, WebAR lets customers discover endless choices from the comfort of their own space.

Visualize your Choices!

With WebAR, discover a whole new way of online furniture shopping! Immerse yourself in a shopping experience that goes beyond the ordinary, allowing you to visualize products in real time. Effortlessly make decisions with confidence and trust, thanks to the immersive and interactive nature of Augmented Reality.

Compare and Choose The Best!

Xarwin’s AR technology enhances the online shopping journey, providing a vibrant and interactive platform that goes beyond traditional browsing. Step into a world where your choices are limitless, and decision-making becomes a personalized and leisurely adventure, all within the convenience of your Android device!

Feel It First, Online!

Visualize the details, experience the product virtually, and join us in entering a new era of online shopping where assurance meets convenience, and satisfaction is guaranteed from the very beginning. Feel the texture and quality virtually, ensuring satisfaction before it arrives!

No Regrets, No Returns!

WebAR in furniture reduces returns by letting customers see products before purchase, ensuring them get exactly what they want. With the power of WebAR, the emphasis shifts from returns to satisfied customers, creating a win-win situation for both consumers and retailers. 

Why Xarwin's Tech?

No-Code WebAR

Xarwin's solution allows experiencing 3D virtual models in real-world space without coding.

Easy Accessibility

Web-based AR browser on mobiles and desktops without any special hardware or software.

Trigger-based experience

Xarwin's solution requires a trigger such as a web link or QR code augmented reality to access the experience.

The Trendy Tango for Tech and Decor

- AR in Furniture Retail

In the ever-shifting digital landscape, the furniture industry is in the midst of a profound revolution, with augmented reality (AR) emerging as the driving force. But what sets AR apart in the world of furniture commerce?

Picture this: You’re navigating an online furniture catalogue, and a chic sofa steals your attention. Yet, a familiar uncertainty creeps in—will it seamlessly integrate into your living space? Does its colour harmonize with your decor? Enter augmented reality, the transformative solution that turns these questions into an engaging and personalized shopping adventure.


AR technology can boost your furniture business by offering customers a virtual preview, in turn guaranteeing customer satisfaction, reducing returns, and improving the overall shopping experience.

To implement AR in your furniture business, you’ll need an AR app compatible with your smartphone or tablet and a 3D catalogue of your products for an immersive virtual experience.

Yes, AR in furniture shopping can seamlessly integrate with e-commerce platforms, providing customers with an interactive and personalized online shopping journey.

The cost of implementing AR in your business varies based on factors like app development, 3D modelling, and integration, but the long-term benefits in customer
satisfaction and reduced returns often outweigh the initial investment. The average cost of an AR application ranges between $5,000 to $10,000 while Xarwin provides a
similar service at the cost of $0! Visit the website to know more:

You can measure the ROI of AR implementation by tracking customer engagement, conversion rates, and return reduction, providing valuable insights. We have analytics that will help to measure ROI, even if you can Google Analytics. Return rates dropped to 2% with Xarwin’s analytics data.
B. To measure the ROI of AR, track customer engagement, conversion rates, and return reduction. Our analytics tools provide valuable insights, even if you use Google Analytics. Xarwin’s analytics data dropped return rates to just 2%.

This technology is accessible in most modern smartphones and tablets that are AR-compatible. It can also be experienced in desktop computers and laptops,
especially when using WebAR applications.

Some AR content providers offer a range of ready-made 3D models that you can license for use in your applications. This can be a cost-effective solution. Feel free to reach out to us, our team can create a 3D model tailored to your needs! Connect with us @ +91 7418482388 to know more.