Upgrade Your Experience with Augmented Reality in E-commerce

Want to create a world of online shopping – where products come to life, sales skyrocket, and customer engagement hits an all-time high? With Web-based Augmented Reality for E-commerce, you can make it possible. Register now and watch your E-Commerce business become a bestseller!

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Our Process


Register and design your 3D model to bring your e-commerce products to life with augmented reality.


Generate a unique QR code for easy access to your AR-enhanced products.


Scan the QR code to enjoy interactive AR experiences, visualizing products in your space before making a purchase.

Shopping, Simplified! Augmented Reality in E-commerce

Ever wish your customers could try before buying? Well, now they can do with augmented reality in e-commerce! Imagine experiencing everything your customers want before buying. It’s like having a personal trial whatever your customers choose. They can pick of their choice, try it on virtually, and make the purchase!

Xarwin’s Benefits of Augmented Reality in Retail Industry

AR for e-commerce, especially through platforms like Xarwin, revolutionizes the e-commerce industry.

Lost in 3D Translation? Xarwin’s WebAR is the Answer!

Conquer the challenges of 3D models with Xarwin’s WebAR for e-commerce! Our plug-and-play 3D visualization turns your product showcase into a visual masterpiece. All you need to do is register and upload a 3D catalogue of your products and you’re good to go! Give your product display a fresh look today!

Regular E-Commerce Website/App vs Xarwin’s WebAR Adventures!

With WebAR, erase doubts about product appearance and fit, minimizing returns and ensuring perfect picks. Indulge in a joyous, interactive shopping experience, overcoming e-commerce’s limitations. Bid farewell to sizing issues and colour mismatch concerns, thanks to WebAR’s precise solutions.

Easy Exploration

Xarwin’s WebAR technology empowers you to make the finest decisions by bringing products to life in your space. Whether it’s choosing the perfect shade, the right fit, or the ideal style, the possibilities are at your fingertips.

Compare and Choose The Best!

Xarwin’s AR technology enhances the online shopping journey, providing a vibrant and interactive platform that goes beyond traditional browsing. Step into a world where your choices are limitless, and decision-making becomes a personalized and leisurely adventure, all within the convenience of your Android device!

Try and Thrive!

No more guessing or uncertainty. Now, you have the power to picture how that new piece of furniture looks in your living room or how that stunning dress compliments you. It’s like having a virtual fitting room right on your smartphone!

No Regrets, No Returns!

WebAR in e-commerce reduces returns by letting you see products before purchase, ensuring you get exactly what you want. With the power of WebAR, the emphasis shifts from returns to satisfied customers, creating a win-win situation for both consumers and retailers. See before you buy, making sure you pick just what you want. Saves you time and money!

Why Xarwin's is Best AR Platform for E-ccommerce?

Elevate Your E-Commerce Business with Xarwin’s Web AR Solutions! Explore how augmented reality can transform your online store. Reach out for a personalized, free demo and unlock your brand’s potential.

Tailored E-Commerce Solutions

Our free demo is designed to meet the unique needs of your online business, providing insights into how AR can enhance your products and customer experience.

Hands-On Product Visualization

Dive into AR-powered product visualization and see how it can drive customer engagement, reduce returns, and increase conversion rates.

Expert Guidance

Our team of AR experts will guide you through the demo, showcasing features that can revolutionize your online store.

Risk-Free Exploration

Discover the future of e-commerce with no financial commitment. Experience the potential of Web AR for your online business and witness its impact on your brand's success.

The Gen Z of Online Shopping

- AR in E-Commerce

In the insanely competitive realm of e-commerce, the urge to distinguish oneself, captivate customers, and boost sales is undeniable. This is where Augmented Reality (AR) emerges as a transformative force in online shopping. But what exactly is the role of AR in e-commerce, and what advantages does it offer?


Augmented Reality(AR) in E-commerce is a transformative technology that helps overlay virtual elements with real-life spaces, allowing customers to visualize products before purchasing.

Augmented Reality creates an immersive shopping experience, reducing uncertainty, and boosting confidence in making decisions.

Technical requirements for implementing AR in your E-commerce business include an AR app compatible with a smartphone/tablet and a 3D catalogue of products for a seamless virtual experience.

No, can vary in cost, but advancements make it more accessible, even for small to medium-sized businesses, with long-term benefits often justifying the investment.

Yes, AR technology can work on most E-commerce platforms, but integration specifics may vary. Ensuring compatibility and a seamless user experience is crucial for successful implementation across platforms.